9:15 – Opening

9:30  – Ronald Allen (Northwestern University)

Complexity, Evidence Science and the Future [slides]

10:00 – Alex Biedermann (University of Lausanne), Silvia Bozza (University of Venice) and Franco Taroni (University of Lausanne)

Normative Decision Analysis in Forensic Science

10:30 – Valerie G. Hardcastle (University of Cincinnati), M.K. Kitzmiller (Michigan State University) and Shelby Lahey (Cleveland State University)

Group-to-individual Inferences (G2i) in Neuropsychological Expert Testimony: How the Legal System Understands Averaged Brain Data [slides]

11:00 – Break

11:30 – Marion Vorms (University of Paris, Birkbeck College London)

Forensic Evidence and the Story Model of Juror Decision-Making

12:00 – Rafal Urbaniak (Ghent University,Gdansk University)

Narration in Judiciary Fact-Finding: a Probabilistic Explication

12:30 – Charles Barclay (University of Maryland)

Is Naked Statistical Evidence Less Secure than Eyewitness Testimonial Evidence?

12:45 – Break

14:00 – Henry Prakken (Utrecht University, University of Groningen)

Argument Schemes for Discussing Bayesian Modellings of Complex Criminal Cases

14:30 – Scott Brewer (Harvard University)

The Logocratic Conception of Evidence as Argument [paper]

15:00 – Ruta Liepina (European University Institute), Giovanni Sartor (University of Bologna) and Adam Wyner (University of Aberdeen)

Legal Reasoning and Aspects of Causation

15:30 – Break

16:00 – Giovanni Tuzet (Bocconi University Milan)

Evidence Assessment and Standards of Proof: A Messy Issue

16:30Kyriakos N. Kotsoglou (Liverpool Hope University)

The Epistemology behind the Evidence: A Contextualist Approach to the Standard of Proof in Criminal Adjudication

17:00Gianluca Andresani and Grace Yu (University of Hull)

(Un)Balancing Justice: Manipulating and Excluding Evidence in China

17:15 – Joao Marques Martins (University of Lisbon)

A System for Expressing Belief About Facts in Civil Trials [paper] [slides]

17:30 – Closing